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Announce: zerotools (tools to keep virtual machine disks cleaner)


It was suggested that I'd post a short announcement on these two lists
in order to get some feedback for a small set of utilities I just
released. The documentation covers integrating the tools into Debian and
I'd appreciate feedback on that part. Especially if I'm doing something
which is out of line established Debian policies (hence the debian-devel
list) [these parts are mainly listings 7 - 9 with the associated text].

I'll copy & paste the introduction text so that you may decide whether
the program might be of interest to you. Target users for the tools are
people who run Linux systems in a virtualized environment.


Zerotools are a set of tools to aid keeping virtual disks clean (by
filling binary zero to those regions which are no longer in "use"). This
is done on-the-fly or manually, depending on which tool suits the needs
best. Zerotools are Linux specific, implemented using C and licensed
under GNU Public License (v2). The tools are provided without a warranty
of any kind, in the understanding that software bugs do exist and bad
things can happen.

Please note that zerotools don't compete with various tools that rewrite
file contents with "random" data in order to make data retrieval close
to impossible. Do not use zerotools for this, or claim that they are
good tools for this. They're not. (This text was added for people who
only read introductions.)"

You can find the software at http://koltsoff.com/pub/zerotools/ which
includes the documentation, source code tarball (sorry, no .debs) and
link to another page with all the source code as xhtml for easier read.

Thank you for your time,

PS: please CC me in the responses as I currently do not subscribe to
either list.

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