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Re: Happy New Year to all the developers and helpers on Debian!

On 12/31/06, Kenward Vaughan <kay_jay@earthlink.net > wrote:


You do a wonderful job, keeping the best dist. flowing along and
helping those who need it, on this list.  I started with Debian and
can't see myself changing ever.  It works too well, even for a bumbling
hobbyist like myself.

Please, PLEASE keep up the great work that is needed for a project and
community like this to thrive!  My new year's hat is off to you all!

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I'll second that.  I've tried several (SUSE 10.1, Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Freespire & SLED 10.0) and Debian Etch is still my favorite.  Please keep up the good work!  As well, the help afforded from other users is a major factor I've stayed with it.  

Happy holidays,

"...heart and soul....one will burn."
- Joy Division
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