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Re: Bug is very vague, should I close it?

Jose Luis Rivas Contreras <ghostbar38@gmail.com> writes:

> Ben Finney escribió:
> > Jose Luis Rivas Contreras <ghostbar38@gmail.com> writes:
> [...]
> >>
> >> So, should I close this bug? There's a lot of bugs requesting
> >> specific features[1] so I don't think this bug it's necessary.
> > 
> > You could enlist the bug submitter's help. Ask them to retitle the
> > bug and be more specific about a particular feature, or to close
> > it and submit separate wishlist bugs for each feature they want.
> > 
> So I will close the bug since all the features are already requested
> in another wishlist bugs.

That's the opposite of what I was suggesting. It's your privilege (as
the package maintainer) to do so if you wish, of course.

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