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Re: possible grave bug in debian-installer or ifupdown?

On Sunday 17 December 2006 13:58, Bastian Venthur wrote:
> Two or three weeks ago I installed the current latest Debian/Testing on
> two different servers. Last week I had to reboot both and noticed that
> none of them appeared back in the network again. I checked them locally
> and noticed that on both boxes the network interface was not brought up.
> I issued:
> 	# ifup eth0
> manually on both boxes but nothing happened. I checked
> /etc/network/interfaces on both boxes and noticed the following line:
> 	allow-hotplug eth0
> after replacing it with
> 	auto eth0
> the problem was fixed. Since I used a standard minimal installation on
> two different boxes, I wonder if this is a bug in d-i or ifupdown. So am
> I missing something obvious or do we have a grave bug?

It looks like something recent broke this. I can at least confirm it is 
happening on at least one of my boxes that was fairly recently installed 
with etch.

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