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Re: List of packages with problems wrt release

This one time, at band camp, Lucas Nussbaum said:
> Hi,
> Here is a list (sorted by maintainer email) of packages:
> - that have RC bugs
> - that are in unstable, but not in testing
> Thomas Lamy <Thomas.Lamy@in-online.net>
>   clamav (U): has RC bugs (#401873, #403034)

> Stephen Gran <sgran@debian.org>
>   clamav: has RC bugs (#401873, #403034)

Thomas Lamy is not the maintainer, but is in Uploaders, as he has given
me assistance in the past.  I suspect a parser bug here.

So, 401873 is fixed in 0.88.7-1, which is already hinted to go into etch.
403034, if you look at the bug log, appears essentially unfixable.
I doubt that either the severity or the security tag are warranted,
although I haven't had the personal bandwidth to do more than an initial
reply to the bug report.

If others have a different impression, feel free to submit it to the bug
log so I can get some feedback, but I don't see this as an issue just
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