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Re: Hijacking #375496 RM: drupal -- RoQA; orphaned, security issues

On Fri, 2006-12-01 at 14:53 +0100, Luigi Gangitano wrote: 
> I've just built a new package of drupal which deeply changes how the  
> webapplication is maintined, creating a package for each major  
> version allowing administrator to test upgrades from one version to  
> the next one.
> This package is based on Karl-Heinz Nirschl' one, I'd like to thank  
> Karl for his work.

> In the future a collaborative maintainership is welcome.

Currently my work, entails a lot to do with an application heavily
reliant on the drupal core.

I have been planning on creating a drupal deb package. Since you have
already done the hard work, I could help co-maintain it.

Im not a DD, will need a sponsor.


with best regards,
Erle Pereira, Systems Consultant
web: http://www.erlepereira.com

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