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Re: Hijacking #375496 RM: drupal -- RoQA; orphaned, security issues

hi luigi,

nice too see you really done it! i'll give your packages a try at weekend
if i can find the time.


btw: thanks for the credits ;-)

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> Hi debian-devel,
> drupal has been orphaned on 26 June 2006. During the following months
> several attempts at packaging have been made by various people and a
> collaborative maintainership group has been created on Alioth,
> producing no releaseable package ever since.
> I've just built a new package of drupal which deeply changes how the
> webapplication is maintined, creating a package for each major
> version allowing administrator to test upgrades from one version to
> the next one.
> This package is based on Karl-Heinz Nirschl' one, I'd like to thank
> Karl for his work.
> A first version of the package can be downloaded at
>    http://people.debian.org/~luigi/drupal
> If nobody disagree I'll upload this package on monday, trying to
> catch the Etch release train.
> In the future a collaborative maintainership is welcome.
> Regards,

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