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Re: SUMMARY: Re: Dropping GStreamer 0.8 for etch

Le jeudi 7 décembre 2006 16:33, Sjoerd Simons a écrit :
> ruby-gnome2 only contains bindings for gstreamer 0.8. To use gstreamer 0.10
> you need the libgstreamer0.10-ruby1.8 package. Which works perfectly with
> the rest of ruby-gnome2 :)

Thanks forthis point, I did not knew it !

> > When ruby-gnome2 uses 0.10 changing my package will only be a matter of
> > changing the dependencies I hope.
> Note that your application will need some porting to gstreamer 0.10.  At
> least the current source in debian doesn't seem to support gstreamer 0.10

Is the API different ?


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