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Re: KDE and Gnome panel applets showing percentage of broken packages

On Tuesday 05 December 2006 22:25, Berke Durak wrote:
> I will just say that in my opinion, a repository such as stable,
> testing or unstable should be self-contained.

For stable and testing that is true. However, sid is broken by design as 
it will always receive new versions of packages first and basically 
packages that depended on it can only be recompiled against the new 
package (if needed) once it is in.
So, sid will always have a short period after some new uploads where it is 
inconsistent and a transition is being managed.

The strength of Debian's package management tools is that you can still 
update the part of sid that is good even while some packages you have 
installed are "broken". (Though you need a little bit of understanding of 
what is happening to use the tools correctly, which is one of the main 
reason why sid is not recommended for new users.)


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