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Solved: Re: [Etch: Whishlist: WM and gtk2 app] Could control ~/.gtkrc-2.0 by WindowManagers?


;; I'm sorry for making noise again..

>>>>> In <[🔎] 87veksjpxf.wl%shinichiro@stained-g.net> 
>>>>>	Shinichiro HIDA <shinichiro@stained-g.net> wrote:

> >>>>> In <[🔎] 87bqmlm1w6.wl%shinichiro@stained-g.net> 
> >>>>>	Shinichiro HIDA <shinichiro@stained-g.net> wrote:

> > Could WindowManagers take care of '~/.gtkrc-2.0'?

> I installed gtk2-engins-*, then I can control my '~/.gtkrc-2.0' from
> kcontrol on the KDE.

> Also, Gnome sets GTK2_RC_FILES=/home/myname/.gtkrc-2.0, but could not
> wake up until 'mv ~/.gtkrc-2.0 ~/.gtkrc-2.0.orig'.. hmm..

If I select '* Use my KDE style GTK applications' from kcontrol on the
KDE, KDE wrote as follows into '~/.gtkrc';

;; ~/.gtkrc-2.0 begin
# This file was written by KDE
# You can edit it in the KDE control center, under "GTK Styles and Fonts"

include "/usr/share/themes/Qt/gtk-2.0/gtkrc"

gtk-font-name="SazanamiMincho 11"

;; end

The Gnome could not wake up with this '~/.gtkrc-2.0' which have
'include' and 'gtk-theme-name' value including theme of "Qt".

But if I select '* Use another style' from kcontrol, 'include' and
'gtk-theme-name' values are different, then looks like OK for Gnome.

I must learn how to write my '~/.gtkrc-2.0' for doing for;

 '~/.gtkrc-2.0' should be selectable from WindowManagers like
 alternatives, or could switch by environment variables.

But looking like it would need;
a) The Gnome could wake up although '~/.gtkrc-2.0' have 'include' or
   (and) 'gtk-theme-name' values include "Qt".

b) Kcontrol shows to users some cautions or should not set 'include'
   or(and) 'gtk-theme-name' values as "Qt" when there is possibility
   of users using Gnome.

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