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ITP: stardict-xmlittre


do you have any news from this ITP? There haven't been any news for 6
months, and no reply to the long description request.

I have prepared a package and intend to upload it in a few days if no
one objects. Here is the complete ITP information.

* Package name    : stardict-xmlittre
  Version         : 2.4.2
  Upstream Author : Émile Littré
                    François Gannaz <Francois.Gannaz@free.fr>
* URL             : http://francois.gannaz.free.fr/Littre/
* License         : Public domain, GPL
  Programming Lang: XML
  Description     : French Littré dictionary for stardict

 This package contains a XML version of the French language dictionary
 written by Émile Littré and published in 1863, suitable for the
 stardict dictionary software.
 Despite its age, this dictionary now fallen in the public domain is
 still a widely used reference source for French language and
 litterature. It features 78,423 entries and 239,009 quotes from 3,910

I consider placing the following copyright statement in the copyright

   According to French copyright law, the Littré dictionary has been put
   into public domain in the late fifties.

   It is questionable whether the XML formatting is subject to copyright
   at all. In the case it is, the following license applies.
   [GPL blurb]

Josselin Mouette                /\./\

"Do you have any more insane proposals for me?"

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