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Re: Conditionally applying an architecture-dependent patch

Am Montag 27 November 2006 22:46 schrieb Shaun Jackman:
> When using CDBS, what is the best way to conditionally apply an
> architecture-dependent patch. I'm using CDBS, but not yet using a
> patch system such as simple-patchsys, dpatch, or quilt, so
> recommendations of a patch system are welcome. Currently I have...
> ARCH64 := alpha amd64 ia64
> ifneq (,$(filter $(DEB_HOST_ARCH),$(ARCH64)))
> configure/foo::
> 	patch -p1 <debian/patches/arch64.diff
> endif

Does applying the patch break the software on 32bit systems?
Broken patch, I'd say.


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