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Re: Question about "Depends: bash"

On 2006-11-22, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> I am using things like 
>   Arrays
>   ${#NAME}

In dash there is one, but i don't know about `*' and `@' there.

>   ${parameter:-word}
>   ${parameter:=word}

Both work.

>   ${parameter:offset}
>   ${parameter:offset:length}

Here you know what and where parameter has. Is it better to split it?

>   disown

This one not needed, unless you are in x-terminal, AFAIK.

> OK, some of thease can be constructed but it takes some time longer.
> I have already tested some of my scripts and tried to change it, but
> the it works in one shell but not more in another...
> So I stay with BASH.

Yes... Kind of web-programming...

There's some documentation available, so will see. Hope it isn't kind of
"undefined", "implementation defined".

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