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Re: [RFC] new virtual package names for optical discs burning applications

On Friday 17 November 2006 15:22, George Danchev wrote:
>         * `cd-burner' -- could be provided by wodim, cdrskin, (cdrdao ?)
>         * `dvd-burner' -- could be provided by wodim, dvd+rw-tools and
> dvdrecord

I don't know the programs in question exactly, but how likely is it that 
even wodim and cdrecord will stay commandline compatible?

If they can't be used with the exact same commandline, there's no sense in 
providing these virtual packages because the programs need explicit support 
for each of those programs.  (And especially with these writing 
applications, arcane options need to be specified in many cases, so it's 
not a case of a common API with some few extra options a backend might use 
if it has specific support.)

-- vbi

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