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Re: IPW3945

Daniel Baumann wrote:
> Philippe Cloutier wrote:
> > See #363967. I heard some doubts about panthera's ability to handle
> > more stuff, so maybe you can offer help.
> thanks you for your trust in me, this makes me very happy.

Daniel, don't take this personally, don't be unhappy. I know your TODO
list is huge, I also know you are going through it, at the best pace you
can, specially so close to the releseaseof Etch, and you do know I have
offered you my help several times :* 
It is still available for you whenever you need me. Just ping me.

Philippe, we (Daniel, me, and the whole Debian community) welcome your
patches, your testing and comments on the available ones, and welcome
encouragement messages, such as thanking Daniel for all the hard work he
has done so far and will keep doing in the future.

Philippe, I also encourage you to read
http://blog.daniel-baumann.ch/2006/09/04#20060904_missing-you and
understand that we, the people who put our limited free time and
sometimes scarce energy in Debian, are humans too. 

I value Daniel's work, I value his dedication, and I personally benefit
from his work. I have also danced Tango with him, and it was a pleasure.


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