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Re: 2 ftpds packages conflicts

Em Terça 07 Novembro 2006 10:39, Bjørn Mork escreveu:
> shaulka@012.net.il writes:
> >   Yet there are also many users, probably those who are not
> > professional administrators, that _need_ for everything to work out of
> > the box. Who should we help more: those who get paid to administer the
> > machines, and are probably much more knowledable, or the occasional, home
> > or small office user that doesn't have the knoweldge or the time to
> > acquire it?
> None of the suggested solutions will prevent the packages from working
> out of the box.  No further configuration is necessary as long as
> there is only one package providing the httpd service installed.
> The question is what to do when the adminstrator wants to install a
> second httpd package.  Should the maintainer enforce a policy using
> conflicts, or should the adminstrator get to choose?  Either way, you
> can't make it work out of the box.  Your choices are
>  a) allow it to work, depending on configuration
>  b) deny it from ever working
> I prefer a).
I prefer a) over b), but for the sake of completeness, we should point that 
there is third choice:
c) allow it to work, automagically determining new ports

For this to work, the user would have to choose which server is the "main" 
one. I don't know how hard it would be, and don't think it's very useful, but 
it's the "perfect" solution.

Tiago Saboga.


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