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Re: 2 ftpds packages conflicts

shaulka@012.net.il writes:

>   Yet there are also many users, probably those who are not
> professional administrators, that _need_ for everything to work out of the box.
> Who should we help more: those who get paid to administer the machines,
> and are probably much more knowledable, or the occasional, home or
> small office user that doesn't have the knoweldge or the time to acquire it?

None of the suggested solutions will prevent the packages from working
out of the box.  No further configuration is necessary as long as
there is only one package providing the httpd service installed.

The question is what to do when the adminstrator wants to install a
second httpd package.  Should the maintainer enforce a policy using
conflicts, or should the adminstrator get to choose?  Either way, you
can't make it work out of the box.  Your choices are
 a) allow it to work, depending on configuration
 b) deny it from ever working

I prefer a).

No nukes!

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