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Re: Proposed new POSIX sh policy (was: First draft of review of policy must usage)

Russ's patch is no good, at least, it does not address the problems I
have raised in the past.

A Posix shell is allowed to have a builtin for ANY command without
restriction, and as long as the builtin has the behavior specified by
Posix for that command, it is a "Posix compatible shell."

For example, a "Posix compatible shell" can have a builtin called
"ldconfig" which does something totally different from Debian's
ldconfig, because there is no required behavior for ldconfig according
to Posix.

Requiring that shell scripts work on any "Posix compatible shell" would
require changing every one of the hundreds of packages which currently
call ldconfig without specifying a path.

I have proposed as an alternative that we say that a shell is suitable
for Debian's /bin/sh if its builtins behave just as do the Debian
programs installed in the standard paths, and then we can make a
specific set of exceptions for builtins that we don't care if they
behave the same way as Debian's versions.


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