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Re: ca-certificates symlinks out of /etc

also sprach Alex Pennace <alex@pennace.org> [2006.10.31.1917 +0100]:
> The configuration being preserved is a set of symlinks, not the
> contents of their targets.

I am fully aware of this. However, it's misleading, don't you think?
It's just not very typical for symlinks in /etc to be considered

Symlinks "leaving" /etc, including ca-certificates:

  piper:/etc> sudo find /etc -path /etc/alternatives -prune -o -type l -exec readlink -f {} \; | egrep -v '^/etc' | wc -l 

Targets of symlinks "leaving" /etc, excluding ca-certificates:

  piper:/etc> sudo find /etc -path /etc/alternatives -prune -o -type l -exec readlink -f {} \; | egrep -v '(^/etc|ca-certificates)'                               /var/lib/defoma/pango.d/pangox.aliases

I'd go as far as claiming that all these are bugs or design

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