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Re: ITP: dphys-kernel-packages -- Generate many variants of kernel packages and modules

Sorry. Sounded like it could be doing so. You said it builds debs. Not
where/when. Obviously everything below was based on that and thus
becomes meaningless.

yep. well it really builds kernel debs, and it's up to the user what he
does with them. i have no doubts debian kernel or security team
wouldn't want to support them, or anyone. but these will be useful
for people that have a wide variety of computers and they want to
"simple said" configure the linux kernel just once, and then have it
built for all varieties they have, say i586-smp, k7-4gb-smp, k8-64gb etc.
for now it is i386 only, but there's nothing which could stop it be
extended for other architectures.
we've been using this tool since two years, and i'm glad i can use it.
the only reason i want to maintain it for debian (and make it available
to others, that will want something like this).


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