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Getting package build dependencies

I am interested in getting build-dependencies for a source package on
a system using aptitude.  In the past I've used apt-get build-dep, but
that was on systems managed with apt-get.  I think aptitude won't know
about apt-get's selections, and may toss the packages at the first
chance (or perhaps get confused in some other way).

Is this analysis correct?  If so, is there a good solution?

The two other routes I see are to use dpkg-checkbuilddeps (but then I
still need to get the output into aptitude) or to use one of the
autobuilders that work in a chroot (which seems kind of heavy weight).


Ross Boylan

cc's appreciated.

P.S. apt-get build-dep has always made me a bit uncomfortable, since I
presume it goes by the installed binary package.  If you want to build
some other version (e.g., system is testing but you want to build
unstable) the dependencies aren't necessarily quite right.  So I'd be
happy to discover an alternative.

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