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Re: arches and etch

although i have installed  debian on
5 machines in the last two years and
multiple times for testing on a couple of
them, i don't think i have been counted
on popcon and most likely never will be.

the reasons, multiply:

3 of the five have never gone outside of
local network, and in fact only recently
one has gone that far.

the other two are mobile and complicated
to set up mail so i don't, i use free beer services
like gmail and yahoo and i don't download
like with pop or anything.

note this also really created hassles with

but if popcon would put the reports in
the local admin mail i would forward them
by hand - it doesn't.

probably the only thing i would use an
intel machine for would be as mail server,
IF i had a fixed internet adress but it don't
and have no plans for one (free wireless/mobile
is how i go).

if there is a way to deal with all this i welcome
suggestions, especially if it is amenable to

but for now i wouldn't trust these numbers worth
a stick. seeing for even one example most ppcs are
macs and most macs are laptop and are the most
numerous unix machines... i would rather trust the mailing
list numbers to estimate percentage shares.

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