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Re: Bug mass filling

Miriam Ruiz wrote:
> Why don't we all try to calm down and get less paranoid?

I hope there are big Finnish saunas in Edinburgh. 
I think we all need to gather for a hot sauna next DebConf.

We should change this "you can't flame people you have had sauna with"
to "you can't flame me until you've had sauna with me" :)

> Most of us are nice people with just strong feelings about their
> ideas, but I guess it might be nice for all of us to learn how to
> empathyse and respect other's ideas, and think for a moment that other
> people might also good reasons for them, as not everything is black or
> white.

What I do as an exercise in order to improve the skills you mention,
empathy, respect, the feel of pleasure from working with others, is to
work with the people I sponsor. 

They provide manpower and skills I lack, they fix bugs I have no time to
look at, while I learn from them as they learn from me. I make mistakes
they forgive me for, they make mistakes I can help them fix. It is
something I encourage you all to do. Take a sponsoree and be his/her
mentor. It's good for the karma.

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