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Re: Bug mass filling

Why don't we all try to calm down and get less paranoid?

I don't think anyone's trying to piss off anyone, so I think we should all try
to take it less personal. We probably all have different priorities, different
goals and different ideas on how to achieve them, and I don't think anyone's
making proposals, asking questions or giving anwers with the purpose of making
anyone feel bad, that would be too presumptuous to think.

I'm lately seeing too many people getting so upset as to orphan their
packages, leave the project, too many insults everywhere or getting paranoid
about every single suggestion it is made. I think most of that is just caused
by the nerves, and after the release everythink will calm down.

Most of us are nice people with just strong feelings about their ideas, but I
guess it might be nice for all of us to learn how to empathyse and respect
other's ideas, and think for a moment that other people might also good
reasons for them, as not everything is black or white.


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