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ethstatus: no upstream, RFA or removal?

Dear list...

I'm the maintainer of the "ethstatus" package - a console-based ethernet 
statistics monitor. You can e.g. run it on your gateway's 9" CRT on the 
console and see how much bandwidth is currently used in a bar-like view. 
I'm in the process of RFA'ing the package. But I wonder whether I should 
even request for this package to get removed.


(1) No real upstream

The former upstream developer - Gabriel Montenegro - has given up 
development of the package so I accepted to become the intermediate 
upstream contact in May 2003. I pimped the software a bit, wrote a 
manpage, fixed the code and copyright. But I did not really intend to stay 
the upstream developer for all times. After all my C knowledge is not 
exactly guru like. There is one minor bug filed against the package that I 
can't reproduce.

(2) There are similar packages

IMHO iptraf, iftop or nload serve similar purposes. So I wonder if yet 
another console network monitor is really needed.

(3) Few popcon installations

Popcon reports 282 installations for ethstatus.
iptraf: 2919 installations
iftop: 1057 installations
nload: 561 installations

So I would like to get a few comments before I request its removal. Mainly 
I'm unhappy with the missing upstream situation. I could also wait for a 
volunteer to maintain both the software and the maintainer. I'm personally 
just not that interested in the software any more.

Famous coworker quote: "I'm still confused - just on a higher level now."

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