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Re: gdm/Gnome/KDE and device permissions

Qua, 2006-10-11 às 23:17 +0200, Tim Dijkstra escreveu:
> One problem is that a user can launch a daemon that keeps the device file
> open before she logs out
> Also I was referring to how pam_group works, but I find this way of
> handling permissions even more broken than pam_group. For example, 
> what happens if somebody logs in on another VT?

You know, sometimes I have the weird idea that interaction with these
devices should be by some way proxied by the X server. The X server
seems to be the only to knows who is in which VT at which time... it
already have to proxy access to the video card, it isn't exactly insane
to it proxy the access to other devices...

For sound it's easy, X server would implement what is done by sound
daemons today, but for other devices I don't know...

But yeah, I consider it a weird idea...


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