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[VAC-RFH] tagcoll2 on Alpha


I have a problem with the package tagcoll2: it builds on all
except Alpha:

I already spent quite some time some months ago trying to debug a
similar problem of tagcoll on alpha:
I tried to apply the same work-around in the 2.0.3-2 upload, but it
evidently didn't work out.

tagcoll2 is quite important because it's a build-dep for libept, which
is a build-dep for the new version of debtags, which has a redesigned
update method that gets rid of apt-index-watcher.  apt-index-watcher is
bad, shouldn't go in a stable release, and after the last upload of
libapt-front, is not built anymore.

Now, I won't have time to debug this for another 10 days, because I'm
leaving to Venezuela for a conference (YAY! :) :

Since time starts to becoming an issue, I'm asking a favour: can
someone please look at this while I'm away?  The goal would be to have
debtags 1.6.2 reach testing as soon as possible.

If you need help, know-how on the tagcoll/ept codebase usually hangs out
in the #ekhis IRC channel on freenode.



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