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Re: delay of the full etch freeze

Le Thu, Oct 12, 2006 at 10:22:43PM +0200, Petter Reinholdtsen a écrit :
> [Charles Plessy]
> > The rationale is that the 8th is "old freeze deadline minus 10
> > days", so it was not completely unreasonnable to take this day as
> > the deadline for having new packages in Etch.
> I find this completely unreasonable.  If someone waited that late in
> the release process before uploading a package they knew would have to
> go through NEW, they can not expect the package to make it into Etch.
> New packages should have had at least a few weeks in unstable to allow
> problems to be detected before heading for testing.

Dear Petter,

Your point of view is in my opinion very pessimistic. What if there were
some late uploads because people were enthousiastic improving Etch and
worked hard until the deadline ? I agree that there needs some testing,
but freeze or not, packages without bugs stay in unstable no more than
10 days anyway. There will be one month between the freeze and the
release, so this is few weeks of testing anyway.

I have the point of view of somebody making packages for simple
programs on which other packages usually do not depend. Of course, I do
not pretend that one should upload to NEW a major release of a pivotal
software suite eleven days before the prospective freeze.

Anyway, it was good to have some sort of deadline. I thank the release
team for having decided one. In my case, I prioritised my recreational
computer activities, putting more Debian stuff in September and less in
October. Overall, it helped me to acheive one goal (good coverage of
biological sequence alignment tools in Etch). Depending on who will be
the fastest between release and the ftp teams, two more packages will
make it or not.

If they do not, I will send apologies to the upstream author who trusted
me when I said that we should be ready a few days before the 8th and
explain him that I did not understand how the freeze process works. For
the second package, as it has a RC bug hidden under a normal priority, I
will ask for an exemption on the debian-release list.

Thanks to all the other persons who answered to me.

Have a nice weekend,

Charles Plessy
Wako, Saitama, Japan

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