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Re: Help offered 2 - opinion wanted about debian.org

HXC wrote:
I also wondered what the community finds about the colours and layout used for the website Does it need to be upgraded? Do find a new layout or other colours more appealing? If so what do you have in mind? Or do you think the current theme is just fine?

The current theme and colors are superb, excellent, etc. It's one of the best websites I have ever visited.

It's not overloaded with colors and images; it doesn't need java or any special plugins just to demonstrate that the developers are capable and that they don't care about users with only the second latest browser technology (or slow internet connections).

Most importantly the pages are intuitive, clear, easy to navigate and comply to "Valid HTML 4.01 Strict"! (I really hate all those sites that override my font settings to display all their content in little fonts--even more those that fail to render correctly when I manually increase the font size.)

Thanks to the maintainers of the present site. They do an excellent job!

Just my opinion,


NB: This doesn't mean that the pages cannot be improved. I guess one could add to the documentation and introduction for new users. If you would like to do some graphics work, you could look at
and work on logos and CD covers for the upcomming etch release.

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