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Alas for lilypond in etch

It seems that it is extremely unlikely that lilypond 2.8 will be in
etch.  We are still waiting on guile-1.8; the first upload took about
three weeks to get through the NEW queue and was then bounced by
ftpmaster because it contained a license problem.  It is now back in
the NEW queue, but it is not predictable when it will be in the

If someone can successfully build lilypond 2.8 with guile 1.6.8, then
I would rush to make things happen, but thus far, nobody has been able
to do so.  Please post an appropriate patch to the BTS.

Failing that, we can either remove lilypond 2.6 from etch, or not.  I
am happy to do what other people judge to be best, since nobody is
generally happy with my own decisions here.


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