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Re: non-free artwork in main

Bastian Venthur <expires-2007@venthur.de> writes:

> Hi,
> today I received two bugreports regarding non-free artwork in my
> packages. I maintain several iconsets with thousands of icons. I think
> it is quite impossible to check every single icon whether it is free or not.
> Most icons don't contain a copyright string, so grepping for certain
> keywords is not practical or will at least not show every possible
> violation.
> I'm currently aware of icons like the firefox- or the ubuntu-icon.
> Probably other brands like suse, redhad (the Debian-logo?) etc are
> affected too. But again, this is very likely only a subset of all
> possible violations in my packages, so checking for violations I'm aware
> of (and removing those icons in the dfsg-version) will probably not
> uncover all violations.
> How can I make sure that my packages are really clean? Is there a
> best-practice solution for situations like this?
> Should artwork be generally considered non-free to avoid violations
> (even when it contains free stuff)?
> Cheers,
> Bastian

The only save (not neccessarily sane) way is to assume they are all
non-free and then disprove that assumption for each and every one icon
by icon before including it in main.

A probably more usefull way would probably be to do your best not to
have any non-free stuff in there (look for obvious ones etc) and react
fast if someone notifies you about things you overlooked. Best to make
an index showing all icons and then get a few people to look it over.


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