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non-free artwork in main


today I received two bugreports regarding non-free artwork in my
packages. I maintain several iconsets with thousands of icons. I think
it is quite impossible to check every single icon whether it is free or not.

Most icons don't contain a copyright string, so grepping for certain
keywords is not practical or will at least not show every possible

I'm currently aware of icons like the firefox- or the ubuntu-icon.
Probably other brands like suse, redhad (the Debian-logo?) etc are
affected too. But again, this is very likely only a subset of all
possible violations in my packages, so checking for violations I'm aware
of (and removing those icons in the dfsg-version) will probably not
uncover all violations.

How can I make sure that my packages are really clean? Is there a
best-practice solution for situations like this?

Should artwork be generally considered non-free to avoid violations
(even when it contains free stuff)?



Bastian Venthur

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