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Re: Help with menu (Was: Bug#389932: wish: gnumed --debug should open terminal window)

On Thu, 28 Sep 2006, Bill Allombert wrote:

needs="x11" command="x-terminal-emulator -e foo" should do the trick.

Maybe Andreas is looking for xterm -hold ?

Thanks for the hint to the -hold feature but it seems to work only
for real xterm.  So I have probably several possibilities:

   1. Make gnumed-client dependant from xterm (which seems be
      useless for most of the cases.
   2. Make a separate package gnumed-client debug which
      depends from xterm and contains not much more than
      the menu entry and this dependency.
   3. File bugs against all packages that provide
      x-terminal-emulator but do not show the -hold feature
      (would this be reasonable)
   4. ???

What would you think would be a reasonable solution?

Would be option 3 also interesting for other packages?  IMHO if
we have the x-terminal-emulator feature we need to fix the call
to a common set of options between all these terminal emulators.
If we do not we have not really much profit for those
applications like menu etc.

Kind regards



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