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Re: Free flash player for your browser

On 28/09/2006 Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Miriam Ruiz]
> > Jonas has already filed some bugs against gnash. To be honest, I
> > don't know the reason for your words, and if there's some kind of
> > irony behind them.
> There might of course be a bug in gnash related to the X crash, but if
> a user space program is able to crash the X server, there is
> definitely a bug in the X server too.  Because of this I do not
> understand why the bug is filed against gnash. :)

it seems like gnash puts heavy load on my system, if a flash animation
at www.myspace.com is started. and as i was not able to reproduce the
Xserver crash later, i believe that it was related to other heavy
applications running the first time.

maybe gnash simply ate all the cpu load, or to much memory, or whatever.
in this case the bug would not be in the Xserver.


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