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Re: Fwd: Bug#387557: pcre3: Please ship pcre_internal.h

> Personally I feel that the "internal" in the name really should have
> been a big enough clue, and I don't want to include a file that's not
> meant to be used just because some idiots have written software that
> needs it.

> I'm not even sure it will work; what is it that emboss wants it for?

Dear all, dear Mark,

I investigated the problem a bit further: I am trying to replace the
includes to "local" libpcre headers by includes in the <foo.h> form, and
to ship the pcre_internal.h in the debian directory.  This leads to
three problems:

- I also need the configure.h file generated when libpcre3-dev was
  built. I solved this one by shipping this one as well in the debian

- The file ucp.h is needed by pcre3_internal.h. For the moment, I also
  added it to the debian directory. But its header says "libucp -
  Unicode Property Table handler". So maybe it is a library which is not
  internal and could be shipped by the pcre3 debian package?

- After these modifications, the building fails with
  make: *** No rule to make target `pcre.lo', needed by `libajax.la'.  Stop.
This one is fatal to me as I have to admit that, not being a C
programmer, I my understanding of those library things is very limited.

But there may be other solutions:

- Modify the makefiles of EMBOSS so that it gets built statically
  against the libpcre it ships (or does it already?).

- Ressucitate the debian package for pcre 4.3 if it can cohabit with the
  current version, and build emboss against version 4.3.

Depending on the answer, it may be more appropriate to continue the
discussion on -mentors. The thread is here:


Lastly, I would like to quote the EMBOSS website: "EMBOSS breaks the
historical trend towards commercial software packages". As a molecular
biologist, I am really grateful to the EMBOSS developpers for their past
and present efforts for free software, especially in those years where
there is an increasing pressure on scientists to commercialise their
works using buisness models based on intellecutal property (patents,
non-free software,...). Not being a Debian developper I can not speak
for the Debian project, but if the people behind EMBOSS read this
thread, I want them to know that I strongly disagree with the Debian
developper saying that they are idiots. I have a deep respect for their
work, which makes bioinformatics accessible to anybody having a
personnal computer running a *nix operating system.

Have a nice day,

Charles Plessy
Debian-Med packaging team
Wako, Saitama, Japan

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