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Re: Starting daemons after install not always what the user wants, but what/how to do ?

On Mon, Sep 25, 2006 at 07:03:03PM +0000, Sam Morris <sam@robots.org.uk> wrote:
> IMO, packages where there is a need for this functionality should be
> split as above. For example, fetchmail-daemon (containing the init script)
> which depends on fetchmail; spamassassin-spamd depending on spamassassin;
> bittorrent-tracker depending on bittorrent; and so on.

The problem with that kind of approach is that it adds packages for
basically one file, and that it doesn't necessarily provide a clean
upgrade path.

I'm beginning to think about some less intrusive solution, but I need to
word it correctly, so I'll come back with that later ;)


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