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Re: Starting daemons after install not always what the user wants, but what/how to do ?

On Mon, 25 Sep 2006 19:59:06 +0200, Mike Hommey wrote:
> There is gnome-user-share, that uses apache2 to set up a web dav share
> on some random high port and make it available as a zeroconf service
> through avahi. The package depends on apache2. Thus, when installing
> gnome-user-share, while the user only wants to have the ability to share
> his own files through a gnome interface, he also gets a full http server
> running on port 80 of his computer, which he didn't really intend.
> Expecting the user to disable apache by himself is not a solution.
> Desktop users are not all that clueful.
> I could have filed a bug to apache2, but it is more of a general issue
> that needs a general solution, i think. A similar situation may already
> exist with some other packages, actually.
> Now, the big question is, what do you, fellow DDs, think would be a
> solution for that problem of programs depending on other programs rather
> than the service they provide.
> Mike

One way would be to split apache2 into, say, apache2 and apache2-bin.
apache2 would contain the init script and depend on apache2-bin, which
would contain the actual apache2 daemon. Then gnome-user-share can depend
on apache2-bin.

Of course it's not quite that simple, since apache2's init script is
actually already in apache2-common, which is depended upon by the
apache2-mpm-* packages. So the same split has already happened, but the
dependencies are in the reverse order to that which you need. :)

Speaking as a user, I am annoyed at packages that choose to implement
their own custom ways of disabling their daemons, instead of letting me
make the decision in the standard/documented way.

IMO, packages where there is a need for this functionality should be
split as above. For example, fetchmail-daemon (containing the init script)
which depends on fetchmail; spamassassin-spamd depending on spamassassin;
bittorrent-tracker depending on bittorrent; and so on.

Sam Morris

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