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Re: transition plan for apt-listbugs onto Debian infrastructure: temporarily on merkel.debian.org, then move over to bugs.debian.org


I'm now waiting for the following two things to happen.

1. Ack on using bugs.donarmstrong.com for the time being for apt-listbugs.

2. Deployment of SOAP interface to bugs.debian.org

3. Deployment of index.*.db files on bugs.debian.org

> 1. Move over to merkel.debian.org for the time being, with the upload
>    of apt-listbugs 0.0.53

This will hit the mirrors soon-ish, there should be a bit of impact on
merkel.debian.org traffic, but not too much, since it won't enter
testing for quite a while.

This at least makes apt-listbugs work with up-to-date information,
rather than what was cached half-a-year ago.
> 2. When index.*.db is generated on bugs.debian.org and is available
>    from HTTP serving[1], and SOAP support is deployed to
>    bugs.debian.org[2], and SOAP support is integrated into
>    apt-listbugs, move over to bugs.debian.org.
>    If SOAP implementation doesn't work (due to load, or some other
>    problems), the backup plan is to export db-h directory via HTTP on
>    http://bugs.debian.org

apt-listbugs now supports SOAP. My local version feeds off index.*.db
from merkel.debian.org, and SOAP from bugs.donarmstrong.com.

> 3. When the infrastructure is ready for bugs.debian.org public
>    mirroring, create bugs.debian.org mirrors

This will be a future plan.

dancer@{debian.org,netfort.gr.jp}   Debian Project

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