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Re: Media players in Debian (was: new mplayer)

On Friday 22 September 2006 13:29, César Martínez Izquierdo wrote:
> I could never see a whole film using Totem or VLC (from Debian).

That is interesting assertion. I have very good experience with vlc here.
Did you report your issue to the BTS ?

> I do, with mplayer (from Marillat).

In fact, I've never felt a need to use these, so I can't comment on these.

> I think this is enough reason to include Mplayer in Debian.

Are you sure it is not patent encumbered ? Debian is quite a large and 
attractive target to attack for various infringements.

I haven't looked at mplayer svn for quite some time so I can't be sure what 
the latest developments are.

> Another reason is... lots of Debian users download mplayer from
> Marillat or other sources (maybe Marillat may provide some stats)...
> users are not stupid, if lots of them do an extra effort to get a
> program which is not in Debian, you can be sure the program is better
> in some way.

In fact yes, that was my case in the past. Here is what I've used back then 
[1], when upstream used to use CVS, thus you might want to adjust that for 
their SVN now. But since as I already said I'm perfectly fine with vlc and 
didn't feel the need to use that anymore.

[1] svn co http://svn.openfmi.net/debian-addons-bg/mplayer-builder/trunk

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