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Re: Moving /var/run to a tmpfs?

Am Dienstag 19 September 2006 20:25 schrieb Mario 'BitKoenig' Holbe:
> Hendrik Sattler <debian@hendrik-sattler.de> wrote:
> > Which OS combination does not define int to be 32bit on a 64bit
> > architecture?
> This is mainly compiler-, not primarily OS-dependent. And: all compilers
> with an ILP64 data model.
> However, the question should rather be: *why* compilers do not define
> int to be 64bit on a 64bit architecture? And the answer is simple:
> Yes int should be 64bit on a 64bit architecture, since int is defined
> as the architectures "natural size" data type. However, it is mostly
> not because of the elsewise massively increasing porting-expenses due
> to many programmers who never thought about it and simply assumed int
> to be 32bit.
> So, your metaphor implicitely leads to exactly the same answer ;)

The answer is that the LP64 scheme is used and not ILP64.
There is a good and detailed explanation available:


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