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Re: Orphaning my packages

On Tue, Sep 19, 2006 at 10:38:17AM +0200, Jan C. Nordholz wrote:
> > > > > > * rxvt
> > > > as a user of rxvt I like to see it remain in Debian. I'm not a Debian
> > > > developer
> > >
> > > Same for me. I'd also take rxvt and am no DD either. Michael, maybe
> > > you'd like to agree on some kind of team maintenance?
> > 
> > If you two don't manage to get to it, I'm a backup. :) We need an O wnpp
> > bug report to record this...
> may I take that as an offer to sponsor us? :) I've created an ITA bug
> against wnpp now. (Don't know the number yet, the BTS bot is slow, and
> I'm in a hurry...)

It might be worth noting that rxvt seems to be fairly dead upstream, and
that there also exists mrxvt with tab support. I'll Cc: Qingning Huo who
maintains our mrxvt packages, maybe he has an opinion.

The ITA bug report for rxvt is #388211.

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