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Re: Orphaning my packages

David Moreno Garza wrote:

> Hello,
> I'll be taking a long vacation of Debian and free software activity
> for the next couple of months for personal reasons. Because of that,
> I'm orphaning my non-comaintained packages. I really think those
> packages shouldn't make it to Etch with a non attending maintainer,
> just like I'm beginning to become (I already orphaned some of them in
> the last couple of months). Once I get more free time or motivation
> to work on my packages, I'll be coming back, but since that's not the
> case now, I'm stepping back for a while so I don't interfere with the
> project.
> If you think you could adopt some of the packages, feel free to do it
> (filling an ITA would be nice). Just talk to the Debian Perl Group
> first, if thinking on adopting some of the Perl modules; talk first
> to the pkg-ruby-extras groups if thinking on adopting some of the
> ruby modules, also.

This is such a cool thread!

Not only have you responsibly orphaned packages when you don't have time to
maintain them, but most of them were picked up very quickly!  And some have
picked up comaintainers almost immediately, which is even better!

(Sorry, I'm not picking any of them up.)

The ones which haven't been picked up either with ITAs or in this thread,
and which aren't lib*-perl or lib*-ruby, are:

* dlume
* fpm
* gxmms
* kipina
* revolution
* rxvt
* sendemail
* ssss
* wallpaper-tray

(There are quite a few more -perl and -ruby packages, but I'm not quite sure
which ones have been picked up.)

I will note that rxvt has 1234 popcon installs, so if anyone's going for
brownie points....

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden@fastmail.fm>

Bush admitted to violating FISA and said he was proud of it.
So why isn't he in prison yet?...

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