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Re: [Pkg-sysvinit-devel] Re: Moving /var/run to a tmpfs?

[Kurt Roeckx]
> The FHS says we can create directories under /var/run that are
> application specific.  It also says that all files should be removed
> or truncated.  It does not say anything about directories being
> removed.

It does not say they will stay either, though it specifies "Programs
may have a subdirectory of /var/run; this is encouraged for programs
that use more than one run-time file."  I guess it is is unspecified
if directories are persistent or not.  And as some have pointed out,
there are sysadmins already mounting /var/run/ as tmpfs, and it is a
bug with the package if it does not work properly.

> If I create a directory in /var/run, I expect it to stay there.  And
> if I can't expect that, I'd like to see that documented somewhere.

I agree that this need to be documented.  We work on some notes for
the sysvinit package, and will include it there.

Petter Reinholdtsen

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