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Re: (proposed) Mass bug filing?for debconf "abuse" by using low|medium priority debconf notes?

> For the packages warning about device files the reason is likely to be
> policy section 10.6 "Device files" which requires notification to the
> user when creating device files and suggests using a low priority
> Debconf message to do this:
> |      If a package needs any special device files that are not included in
> |      the base system, it must call `MAKEDEV' in the `postinst' script,
> |      after notifying the user[1].
> ...
> | [1]  This notification could be done via a (low-priority) debconf message,
> |      or an echo (printf) statement.

OK, thanks for your very valuable input.

I (and none of the other proponents of this action) wasn't aware of
that policy requirement/suggestion).

So, we will probably leave this aside right now, unless Thomas finds a
way to exclude packages which use low priority debconf notes for that

If we still file bugs for your packages which use low priority debconf
notes for that specific reason, I suggest that you mark them
"wontfix" until we check whether the policy can be fixed about this
specific problem. This probably needs some investigation in order to
see whether the requirement is still valid or not.

The i18n task force will certainly track this issue down with a
metabug attached to the soon to be created (assuming we get
ftpmaster's agreement) debian-i18n pseudo-package. So, even if tagged
wontfix, these bugs will not be forgotten.

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