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Re: Volunteers needed to experiment with tags in debian/control

On Thu, 2006-09-07 at 20:27:26 +0200, Enrico Zini wrote:
> I would like to experiment with a little new plan for having tags flow
> again from the web submissions[1] to the Packages file.

> The plan goes as this:
>  0) Download http://people.debian.org/~enrico/2006-09/debtags-updatecontrol
>  1) Edit debian/control adding an empty "Tag:" field for every *binary*
>     package
>  2) In your package root directory, run debtags-updatecontrol.
>     The script will check debtags.alioth.debian.org for new tags, and it
>     will guide you through reviewing all the differences.
>  3) Have a look at debian/control: you will find that the Tag: field has
>     been updated with the new tags
>  4) Upload the package: I will notice that it has the Tag: field and
>     I'll know that I don't have to do manual review of tags for it.

Not really, as dpkg-gencontrol will strip unknown fields. You'll need
"XB-Tag:". But I'll be adding support into dpkg-dev for the Tag field
once we branch it for etch+1 (which may go to experimental for a while).

> The script is smart enough to ask you to review only the differences
> between the data on Alioth and the data in your package.  If you reject
> changes from Alioth, it will also offer you to mail the patch back to
> it.

I've not sent the diff, because I wanted to see if dak reports the
diff when overriding... (I'll send it later).

> [...]. What I need is to have some packages with a Tag: field in the
> control file, so that I can implement and test the final part of the
> plan, which consists in updating the override file to let your tags
> through.

Now you have xfstt in incoming with such field. =)
All my other packages will aquire the field as soon as a new upload
happens (they have that locally already).


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