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Manpages in language-specific packages


I'm adopting liblingua-es-numeros-perl, a Perl module for translating
numbers into their Spanish string representation. One of the first
things I noticed is that the manpage is completely (and only) written
in Spanish. So, besides sending any changes I do to the upstream
author (although the module looks unmaintained, with only version 0.01
existing since 2001), what would be wisest?

- Leaving it as it is
- Translating only the manpage description, perhaps first section -
  Don't think it would be the best, as it might have non-ES users
  (although the whole module API is in Spanish)
- Translating the whole manpage, and providing the Spanish translation
  as a separate file in /usr/share/doc (pointing at it from the
- Going the inverse way, leaving the package as close as possible to
  its current status, and pointing to an English translation from
- I18N in manpages? Sorry, haven't been there, haven't done that

Personally, I don't feel it natural having a Spanish-only
manpage. But then again, I'm among the nasty minority who does not
like his computer to use his mother tongue ;-)


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