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Re: Why not only support Sid and Testing?

Am Dienstag 12 September 2006 22:29 schrieb Moritz Muehlenhoff:
> Marc Haber wrote:
> >>	I know I am in for an argument, but I think it is a good
> >>question.  I'm sure many of you have read Mark's blog:
> >>http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/56.  It says 76% of Debian
> >>users run unstable and probably a fair fraction of the rest run testing.
> >
> > I tend to doubt these numbers, especially if they come from a source
> > that is known for its Ubuntu / Canonical marketing blurb.
> So do I. A more credible source are apt sources being downloaded.

Not really. Many stable users install from the 2-DVD media set. And even they 
install from online repositories: you install less often packages when using 
stable than you update packages when using testing/unstable.
Do not trust any statistics that you did not fake yourself ;)


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