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Re: Why not only support Sid and Testing?

Joseph Smidt wrote:
> The question in my mind becomes: Is it still worth it if the bulk of
> people Stable is created for are better servered somewhere else?

You don't have a complete view on the situation, probably because
you're a geek.  Stable is not limited to servers.  Almost every
municipality, NGO, business coproration, etc. run Debian stable on
their workstations for very good reasons.  It is absolutely great,
very easy to maintain, and the users don't care about the hottest
stuff, they care to get their job done.  I can assure you that GNOME
2.8 runs fine on stable and it is more than good for a generic
business activity.  So the "bulk of people Stable is created for" is
tremendously large, just try to imagine it.  It is not limited to the
kiddies that hang on IRC.

[Yavor, who actually works as a shipbroker but voluntarily supports
all machines in the company; and is suffering great pain since the
boss, looking at his desktop running Debian testing, ordered the
migration from stable to testing for all the workstations 2 years

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