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Re: my CDBS gallery: real-world rules samples

>>>>> "Caio" == Caio Begotti <caio@ueberalles.net> writes:

    Caio> Hmm maybe  I didn't get it, Arnaud. What  you meant?  Also, if
    Caio> you has found some blank  file in the gallery... please let me
    Caio> know.

Indeed, often,  when you  are written a  debian/rules with cdbs  for the
first time,  it isn't usually clean. I  think that it would  be great to
remove the one that aren't really clean. It is just an idea though, tell
me what you think about that...

    Caio> PS: Duck isn't subscribed to these lists anymore? Just
    Caio> checking to avoid harassing him with tons of mails

Yes, he is, sorry ;).

Thanks for your work.

Arnaud Fontaine

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