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transitioning config files between two packages

hey d-d,

in sarge, the nagios-plugins is a single monolithic package with a
number of plugins and config files (mostly with a 1:1 mapping).

in sid/etch, the nagios-plugins package is split into two packages,
nagios-plugins-basic, nagios-plugins-standard, each of which contains a
subset of the original plugins and config files from the sarge
nagios-plugins package.  additionally, there's a transitional
metapackage nagios-plugins which depends on the other two, so that sarge
users have a clean transitional path.

the problem is that doing an upgrade from sarge->etch users will
reliably get stopped with a dpkg "this file has changed" prompt.  i
*thought* that i did the appropriate stuff:

Depends: nagios-plugins-basic, nagios-plugins-standard

Replaces: nagios-plugins, nagios-plugins-standard
Conflicts: nagios-plugins (<= 1.4.2-3)

Replaces: nagios-plugins
Conflicts: nagios-plugins (<= 1.4.2-3)

where the version of nagios-plugins in sarge is < 1.4.2-3.

so the question is: what am i forgetting to do?  i'm guessing that the
problem has something to do with the original package still being
present (as a metapackage)?

input appreciated,

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